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Devi Scans


Devi Scans was established in 1984 with the objective to provide excellent services in medical scanning field, for the residents of Kerala. Over the years our constant endeavors have made Devi Scans the only diagnostic centre in Kerala, to be recognized under the Central Government Health scheme (CGHS) (As per Order No: F.No.S.11011/25/2001), under ECHS and ESI.


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This institution was born on 1984 and has been rendering exemplary service to customers from all around kerala. This is the only diagnostic institution in Kerala, which has been recognized under CGHS by the Central Govt: as per Order No: F.No.S.11011/25/2001. Devi Scans has been recognized by the Govt: under ECHS, ESI, and by the state govt: under VSSC, LPSC, AIR India, State Bank of India. This is the only institution in the southern part of kerala which provides almost all the tests and medical investigations, round the clock, and in one building itself.



Digital X-ray films of different parts of the body are obtained. Most commonly these are of the chest, abdomen, kidney-ureter-bladder (KUB), spine and different bones and joints

Siemens 500mA machine with image intensifier with an AGFA ADC Solo CR System

For spine x-rays, it is necessary to have the bowel clear and so two Dulcolax tablets should be taken the previous night and the patient should come fasting           

Appointment : Not Required
Time taken : 10-20 minutes
Report Given : Same day if the study is done before 12 noon, otherwise the next day


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Devi Scans
Kumarapuram, Opposite Medical Coll High School
Trivandrum -695001

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